Birthmark Films offers the full range of production services;


Depending on where you want to shoot in Egypt, there is a permits process the corresponds to a specific timeline and financial obligations. Birthmark Films has a specialized team that handles the entire permits process to ensure the smooth operation of the production.


Birthmark Films has a team that has on-file generous location options across Egypt and we conduct specific location scouts upon request. Additionally, our team is responsible for following standard procedures to ensure location readiness and safety for shoot.

Egypt is known for its locations that can copy certain eras or locations as well as provide otherworldly locations that cannot be copied else where around the world. Birthmark Films has been featured in the Location Guide for The White Desert as one of such locations.

Egypt has access to the Mediterranean and Red seas that cover the entire northern and eastern costs of Egypt as well as the river Nile that runs across the entire country from South to North. This provides a diversity of look and feel for locations overlooking a coastal locations. Additionally, the Egyptian landscape is very generous when it comes to desert and mountainous locations.


There’s always a right-fit for every project; Birthmark Films values the meaning of a team and have developed over the years enough experience to assemble the right crew for the each project we work on. It’s not about getting the job done, but done with a sense of ownership from the entire crew.


Birthmark Films has access to a number of local rental houses that provides all types of Camera, Grip, Lighting and Sound equipment.

We do NOT provide services for importing equipment/ project.


Insurance for cast and crew is not standard in Egypt productions, however, Birthmark Films provides such services upon request at premium prices.


Birthmark Films provides variety of casting options for projects that we produce or service ONLY. We provide cast and casting services for most of the ethnicities that covers projects targeting, the Middle East area.


Wether you are a foreign crew coming to Egypt or we are required to hire foreign crew, we provide all the logistics needed from landing to departure; hotel accommodation, transportation, phones, working space with internet, etc…