Yallah! Underground was filmed during a period of great change within the Arab world. From 2009 till 2013 (before, during and after the Arab Spring) director Farid Eslam and his crew followed some of the most influential and progressive artists in Arab underground culture and documented their work, dreams and fears in an ever-changing environment.

In a region full of tension, young Arab artists in the Middle East have struggled for years to express themselves freely and to promote more liberal attitudes within their societies.

During the Arab Spring, like many others of this new generation, local artists had high hopes for the future and took part in the protests. However, after years of turmoil and instability, young Arabs now have to challenge both old and new problems, being torn between feelings of disillusion and a vague hope for a better future.

Yallah! Underground won the Hessian Film Award for Best Documentary 2015.

The film premiered at the 2015 Visions du Reel Film Festival in Switzerland and has since been screened or will be screened at international film festivals in Munich, Bergen, London, Dubai, Warsaw, Oaxaca, Copenhagen, Cologne, Montreal, Dharamshala, Kassel, Wiesbaden, Nancy, Helsinki, and many more.


20 Feb. – 24 Feb. 2016 !f Istanbul Film Festival

Saturday, 20 February 2016, 16:00, Beyoğlu Fitaş Salon 4

Wednesday, 24 February 2016, 16:00, Cinemaximum City’s Nişantaşı Salon 7

And the Premiere Concert: A one time reunion of legendary allstar band Kazamada, with Hamdan Zeid, Tamer AbuGhazaleh and Mahmoud Radaideh and special guest Maryam Saleh

Saturday, February 20, 21:00, Babylon Bomonti

Sunday 21 Feb. 2016, 14:00 PST – USA -San Francisco – Noise Pop

Thursday 11 Feb. 2016 20:00 UTC+01 France, Lyon – Le Periscope

Sunday 28 Jan. 2016, 21:00 UTC+02 Finland, Helsinki Documentary Film Festival – Andorra

Friday, December 11, 18:30, Mall of the Emirates, MOE 14 Tuesday, December 15, 19:00, The Beach